Chinese knockoffs. I HATE Chinese knockoffs. LEGO have something plaguing them, which just happens to be their Chinese factory. Surprise, surprise. LEGO are getting hold of this problem, and it’s almost wiped out completely. Well done, LEGO! But — yes, there is a but — those aren’t considered knockoffs. These are:


Yup. I don’t remember Elsa having black hair.

JLB Junk

Whoa! That looks so much like Anna! (It doesn’t).


You have to assemble the actual pieces?! And that paint bleeding? I love it! (No, I don’t). Now, this is from Shanghai, but the case isn’t great in South Africa, or any other place outside of Denmark, the US, or Europe. Oh, I’ve got more! Just look at these adorable Nick Knights! (Please say you’ve caught on by now).

Nick Knights

Hey, is anyone feeling a sense of deja vous? That’s right, this is based on one of those rolling things from LEGO Jurassic World. But one of the worst things is the minifigures. You see how “Clay” looks like a LEGO minifigure? Well, there’s a patent on that, which runs out in, um, let’s see, 2021. I’m surprised LEGO haven’t sued yet. Now, you probably think this is bad, but in one country (not sure which), I’d say that the worst would be: Lepin. Just have look at this.Cheap junk

Notice the way they’ve made it look LEGOish with the symbol. Or their tiny little spelling mistake so that they don’t have to pay Disney. Now, what’s on the cover seems to be exactly the same as LEGO’s set. Because it IS. The picture is from the official model, but that can’t be what you get inside. Because while the official model has only 193 pieces, this model has 206. Or so it says. Lepin do other stuff as well.


Ooooh, some Nexu Knights. How intriguing!


Ninjag! I love it!(You still don’t understand?) Or Ghostbuster! Sorry, can’t get a photo of that one. Still, you get the point, right? Man, LEGO need to do something about this. Anyway, thanks for reading my post on why I hate LEGO knockoffs, and don’t forget to tell me your view on the situation in the comments below.

P.S. I’m hopefully going to make an article about the problem in SA, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come out for a while.


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