10260 Downtown Diner Has Been Revealed!

Lego have recently revealed a new 2018 Creator Expert set, 10260 Downtown Diner. Here’s a photo.

Downtown Diner

This ’50s diner is pretty darn cool. I mean, look at that car! So ’50s! It includes six figures: a Waitress, a Chef, a Boxer, a Rock Star (although in my opinion he looks more like Marty McFly playing guitar for the jazz dudes in 1955), the recording studio (top floor) Manageress, and a bodybuilder. Here are the stats:

10260 Downtown Diner, 2480 pieces

US $169.99 – CA $219.99 – DE 149.99€ – UK £129.99

It will be available from January 1st, with no early VIP access. Here are some more pics for you to busy yourselves with.

The Waitress

Wendy the Waitress.

The Chef!

Chef Chorizo.

Big Boxer

Bob the Boxer.

Mr. Fancy

Riley the Rock Star.

Ms. Manageress

Mabel the Manageress.

Little Miss Exercise

Bronwyn the Bodybuilder.

Man, that’s a pretty darn good hair piece collection. Just BTW, I came up with these names myself, but tell me in the comments if you liked them.

Downtown Diner

The Downtown Diner itself!


And the inside.

At the Bar

At the bar table.



Second Floor.jpg

Up we go to the second floor! This is what appears to be a ’50s gym (tell me in the comments if I’m wrong).

Punch Bag


A friendly chat.

A friendly little chat.


Is Bronwyn not as strong as she looks? Lucky for her the boxer is!

Third Floor

Third floor, here we come! Oh look, a recording studio!


“I love to sing rock’n’roll!!!!!!” (You just need to sing it like a rock star, and then it will make sense)

Well that went well.

A good day’s work, I presume?

The Roof!


The roof isn’t too exiting, but I thought you might like a little look.

'50s car

And we can’t forget that car, can we?

Out Back

A quick little extra, ‘Hanging Out Back’

So, all in all a great set, what with loads of awesome building techniques, the great minifigures, and overall look. If I ever have the money, I may just buy it. Tell me your thoughts and whether you would buy this set in the comments down below. Thanks for reading!


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