Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody, and welcome to 2019! This year, I believe, will be a great one for LEGO, with a strong range of sets coming in. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has produced some particularly good ones, some of which I am so going to save for. Ninjago Legacy will be the … Continue reading Happy New Year!


The Brickley Herald

Ok, so here's what's happening. One of my subscribers, Josh, has recently started a second blog (definitely go check out his first, MadeOfBlox), and the idea of this new site is to bring together Lego bloggers. I was one of the bloggers invited, although I'm not currently sure who else contributes. Anyway, my guess is that … Continue reading The Brickley Herald

For me, Shiptember isn't about the 100 stud rule, or whatever that was. Personally, it's just about building a spaceship, no matter what size. But before I start, I'd like to say sorry that it isn't actually September Shiptember (it is in fact October Bricktober at the time of writing this), but traveling has been kind of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday indeed! Today all hardcore LEGO fans celebrate this wonderful event. And that event is none other than... the 40th Birthday of the LEGO Minifigure! I feel so happy! I mean, think about it. We've gone from this:

Hello, and welcome to the second post in the MOC Monday series. Now, I really should be doing these every week, but honestly, I can't come up with a new MOC so quickly, so I'll just do these every time I build something new that seems worthy of the position. But anyway, on with the … Continue reading