About Me

It’s possible that I’m one of the biggest KFOLs ever. I love LEGO,  but don’t be expecting too many set reviews, because I don’t really have a way of getting money. I have five siblings, and as much LEGO as I can get my hands on. On this blog you can expect updates on Lego news and reviews. Here’s a link to my Brickset collection page. Another blog you should really check out if you haven’t already is Jay’s Brick Blog. Jay is actually the person who inspired me to make my own LEGO blog. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. And special thanks to my first three subscribers, VaderFan2187, colbybricks, and Josh, for all the support. Go check out all of their blogs, cause they’re really good. And before I go, check out my buddy BrickBoy at thebrickboy.com. He’s new at this whole LEGO Blog thing, but I’m sure he’ll do well. And that’s The Lego Geek, signing off.